Art Inspires a Child

As an artist, I look for inspiration, never considering that I might inspire someone else.  Last autumn, I shared my collage, Treasure in the Gulf, with a group of elementary students.  I talked about the BP Oil Disaster & the animals who were killed or injured by it, explaining my collage celebrates the sea turtles who were rescued & released back into the wild.  The kids loved it!  One boy asked if I could make him a cobra collage.  While I quickly agreed,  I’m ashamed to say, I wasn’t so quick to finish it.  He asked & asked about that piece for several weeks.  Finally, I gave it to him & he just stared at it & mumbled, “Thanks.”  I honestly thought he was disappointed because this paisley & metallic cobra was not what he was expecting.   I was so wrong.

This autumn, we cross paths again.  “Miss Korsnick, look at this.  Remember you showed us your turtle picture?  Now I’m an artist, too.”  He pulled out a sketchpad full of wonderful pictures that he drew.  He said he carries his sketchpad everywhere.  “I should start doing that, too.  It’s a great idea… & you’re a great artist, Jacob.”  I said, trying not to cry.  He added, “Remember the cobra you did for me?  I love that picture.  It’s still hanging in my bedroom”.

A compliment from a child is priceless & so humbling.  To think, something I did over a year ago inspired him to create his own art.  We never know whose life we are touching… a word or a simple act of kindness can be remembered forever.  A wise woman once said, “Live your life as if everything you do is important… because it is.”

Treasure In the Gulf Inspires a Child

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3 thoughts on “Art Inspires a Child

  1. You inspire people everyday. What an awesome gift to give a child. It only takes a small act of kindness, you not only encouraged him to express himself, you also taught him the value of promises.

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