A Muse for My Art

Muses are the people, places, & things that are important to me– from baby turtles hatching on a beach to the mourning dove cooing in her nest.  Fi-Fi-Fiesta is a piece inspired by one such muse– my sassy niece.  Staring at a blank canvas, I thought of her, a “child of light” (those are her words) & asked, “What colors represent Fi’s free spirit?”  I swirled & twirled summer-sky blue, tangerine orange, & sunny yellow over the canvas in large bubbles– effervescent like she is.  Notice I don’t call colors by the names on the tubes.  For me, it’s not about Prussian Blue or Cadmium Red… it’s about an inky night sky or eating a candied apple at a fall festival.  Color is about emotion & capturing the spirit of my subject.

I thought of the girl who beckons the sky for rain, sings at the top of her lungs when we’re kayaking, & picks herbs from my garden to put in a pouch so she can smell them long after her visit with me is over.  This piece is about energy, her zest for life.  I put a pop of color at the top of the canvas & cut up bits of paper to sprinkle like confetti all over the piece.  Something still isn’t quite right.  I take an Exacto knife & carve two large patches in the canvas.  I’ve never done this before but it seems right that this piece is multidimensional.  The two holes look like flames of a candle.  That’s it!!  Her phrase, “child of the light”, rings in my ears.  I adhere gold brocade to the back of the canvas.  Now, her light shines.

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Fi-Fi-Fiesta: inspired by my niece


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