Trees are Yawning

The Wheel of the Year continues to spin, bringing in Autumn, my favorite time of year.  Now that the weather is cooler & the days are shorter, I enjoy walking the dogs under trees that seem tired of being lush & green after such a long hot summer.  As they yawn & stretch their limbs before their winter nap, I scour the ground for the gold, scarlet, & russet leaves that flutter on the path before us.  That distinct crunching sound of dry leaves under foot is one of life’s simple pleasures.  I can’t resist picking them up & taking them back to my studio.  Every year, I use maple, beech, ash, & oak leaves for inspiration, never tiring of their colors, shapes, & textures.   They are so different from one another yet similar, reminding me of how much people are the same in some ways & unique in others.

In my studio, I consider which materials to play with–  fabrics, paints, inks, & something new to me– Dicro Fusible Fibers.  If you haven’t played with this material, try it!  I used the color “bark” which looks like thin threads of copper– gorgeous!!  Perhaps you can see it in the photos I included below.   Never be afraid to try new things 🙂

On one hand, I feel like a child, free to create whatever my imagination can dream into being.  On the other hand, I am humbled by the spirituality of creation — the Divine in me connecting to the Divine in nature.  Some say we are co-creators in our own lives.  What do you think?  Please take time to notice nature & appreciate the changing seasons.  Inspiration is yours for the taking!

Autumn Leaf Inspiration

A close-up of maple leaf with fusible fibers.


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