If I Could Be Anything…

As a child, I was a daydreamer who wanted to be practically everything when she grew up– a pediatrician, a travel writer, a teacher, an interior designer, a gypsy fortune teller, a fashion designer, & a dairy farmer.  Yes, a dairy farmer!  I dreamed of putting on my Wellies & old jeans to muck stalls, feed calves, & milk cows who would supply the ingredients for the richest, creamiest ice-cream in the world (When I dream, I dream big!).   I also wanted enough money to hire the best people to help me run this farm so I could have time for my art.   I’m a dreamer but a practical one 🙂

I didn’t grow up to be a dairy farmer but I still love cows.  I can’t explain why except to say they bring me such joy that tears sometimes fill my eyes.  There’s a sense of peace & serenity watching a cow simply BE a cow.   I especially love Holsteins whose contrast of black & white, curves & bony angles seem the ultimate symbol of balance… a living Yin Yang.  And their soulful brown eyes convey so much without words… as I hope my art does.

The piece, Lunch with the Girls, is a departure from my most recent collages.   Instead, I looked to expressionism for my color palette & style.  While my head had to consider composition, it is my heart that is telling this story.  Please refer to my post “Head, Heart, & Hands” for an explanation of my art philosophy.  I’ve taken dozens of photos while visiting local dairy farms, living vicariously through the people I see working there.   So don’t be surprised to see more cows in future blogs.  May you find joy in the simple things.

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Lunch with The Girls- An Homage to Holsteins


1 thought on “If I Could Be Anything…

  1. I feel like just like you! I wanted to be a teacher, baker, writer, gardener, and a farmer too (not a dairy one though..hadn’t narrowed it down yet!). So far, I’m a teacher, a mom, and I like to garden. And now through the blog, a writer :)! Enjoy life!

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