A Date with Andrew Wyeth

It was the perfect autumn day for an art date– sleepy trees tired of being green were changing to gold & scarlet.  We drove to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the home of Andrew Wyeth, an influential 20th century American artist.  Art dates, according to Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, are supposed to be solitary events; however, like any good artist, I know rules are made to be broken 🙂    I shared this art date with my boyfriend, who made the day even more special.

Part of our day was spent at the Kuerner’s Farm, where we literally walked in Andrew Wyeth’s footsteps.  Our tour guide showed us a print of his egg tempera piece titled “Evening at Kuerners”, which depicts the very place where we stood.  Amazing!!!   Just for a moment, we saw the world through his eyes– what he thought was important enough to include in the piece & what he edited out, 3 of the windows in the house that detracted from the overall composition, for example.  I’m reminded that as artists, we don’t have to “capture” our subject; we can “interpret” it… personalize it.  That’s part of the fun of creating art.

While Andrew Wyeth’s art made this date inspirational; it was also made special by the autumn landscape, the mouthwatering mushroom strudel we ate for lunch, & our side trip to the Chadds Ford Winery that fed me– body & soul.  Keep in mind, your art date is meant to nourish you.  Be kind to yourself until our paths meet again.   Take an art date.  Get inspired!!

Evening at Kuerners by Andrew Wyeth


2 thoughts on “A Date with Andrew Wyeth

  1. “Evening at Kuerners” has been a staple of mine since my youth. It grabbed me then as a teen walking down State Street in Madison where I first spotted this fabulous testimony to Wyeth’s eye and craft in the window of a framing gallery. I return to it occasionally and wish I had the print in my house. It just seems to have the kind of appeal that strikes a chord in a romantic Libra like me.

    • While in Chadds Ford, I visited the Kuerner farm… to stand where Andrew stood & see his inspiration for myself was an amazing experience. The farm looks just like the picture. Hope you get to see it one day.

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