Sketch a Day Update

I don’t know about you but I never had much success with New Year’s Resolutions.  Promises to exercise, cut back on chocolate, or be more patient were always broken within days.  I’ll be honest, I don’t respond well to “You have to…”  or “You must…”.  The Sketch a Day goal I set for myself is quickly becoming that.  It turned something pleasurable into an assignment.   I’m an artist because I have a need to express myself creatively from a place of passion & joy.  If the work sells, that’s fabulous; however, I’m no longer a commercial artist & don’t want to create art unless it is meaningful.  Admittedly, creative people must practice their craft to maintain their skills but they (we) also create from a place of desire, even desperation at times.  We dance because the music moves us.  We write poetry because it urges our hearts to put pen to paper.  We paint because the subject cries out to be expressed on canvas.

As I savor this unexpected day off due to torrential rain & flooding, I will make a big pot of coffee & spend time in my studio, playing with the art supplies I buy but don’t use often enough.  My boyfriend’s advice this morning was, “Have an art day.  Experiment; destroy a canvas if you want.”  How cool is that!  I hope that when your plans change unexpectedly, you see the potential gift in the disruption of your routine.  What would you do with the gift of time?

Please send the people of Pennsylvania positive thoughts & healing energy as many of us recover from this disaster.


2 thoughts on “Sketch a Day Update

  1. We tend to make everything “work”- gardening, spending time with family, even our hobbies become more like chores. Can we simply enjoy being? What could life be like if we were more mindful of how we filled our days & approached all things from a place of joy? I’m sounding a bit Zen-like now but bear with me! Somewhere I read that we can even enjoy washing dishes by hand if we pays attention to the warm water, the bubbles from the soap, & the cleanliness of the dishes. It’s more about our attitude. How do you approach your art… from a mindset of “obligation” or joy?

  2. I haven’t picked up my watercolors in almost a month now because it started to feel like I had to do it. I need an art field trip to restart my creative batteries. I”m working more with paper right now and I like what I’m doing but I LOVE my watercolors!! I want to be inspired, which means getting out of my house:) So that’s my goal….get outside. Enjoy your rainy day!! Sending thoughts of sunny days to Pennsylvania. I hope the rain stops soon.

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