There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy told Auntie Em “There’s no place like home”, at the end of The Wizard of Oz.  She experienced all sorts of scary, wondrous adventures before realizing that all she needed was in her own backyard. I had to experience the deaths of my grandparents to realize the same thing.   Their home in central Pennsylvania was the place where I was warm, safe, & unconditionally loved.  I could play with my dolls in the playhouse my grandfather built, daydream about life out west as I read Little House on the Prairie under the maple tree, and pretend to scuba dive with sharks in the small pool out back.  Their loss caused a great black chasm to spread inside of me.  Where would I go & what would I do without my special place?

I don’t remember saying it, but I must have asked that question out loud at my grandfather’s funeral because a relative responded, “You need to find another special place.”  What?!  How?!  He made it sound so easy but I know it wouldn’t be for me (nor was it easy for him when his father died).  Nonetheless, it’s true.  Sometimes, if we are truly lucky, the people around us make a place special and sometimes we have to create it ourselves.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, my home is my sanctuary.  It’s the warm place that I’ve created for myself & those I love.  As I make it more “homey”, I find that it’s also inspirational. Subjects for my art are all around my house & garden.  This is my new special place & this is some of the special art I’ve created here.

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Garden Sunshine- The sunflower is aptly named. Doesn't it look like sunshine on a stem?

Garden Blessing- This statue blesses my garden as she peacefully stands among the irises.


2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I agree that home is where the people that love you are. After all, we have many homes throughout our life times!
    The Wizard of Oz is one of those movies that the older I get, the more I like it. It’s so clever!
    PS – I love the sunflower!

  2. I think when life rips the rug out from underneath your feet that you have to stop and re-access. Where to go from here? You have to be open to where life is trying to lead you. I believe in a plan, a destination or a state of being. There are things to learn no matter where you are and those things add to your life. I’ve experienced the same thing you did; I want home to be a place, somewhere to go and feel safe. Now that I’m older its about the people. I am at home when I am where the people that I love live. I want it the old way, its what I understand and there was so much comfort there but I lost my footing for a long time and still don’t quite have it back but I’m trying to let life lead me…and find my heart and my comfort looking into the faces of the people that I love.

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