Time to Howl!!

I often say that my inspiration comes from nature.  This is the piece I was referring to in my last 2 blogs.  It’s not finished yet but I wanted to show you the process I go through to complete a collage.  Can’t you hear Wolf howling?  As people become more educated about the world around them, they see the beauty and majesty in these wonderful creatures.  As we move away from a world of domination toward a world of stewardship, we see more clearly the interconnectedness of  all things.

Many ancient cultures revered (and still revere) Wolf.  To some, it is a power animal representing guardianship, loyalty, and spirit.  Wolves are wild, highly intelligent, social creatures.  They make quick decisions and represent the need for us to make decisions based on intuition.  The more we attune ourselves with the natural world, the more we will hear that small voice inside of us.  Call it intuition, gut instinct, or even guardian angel.  It’s the voice we need to honor and listen to more often.  Does Wolf represent you… or me… or both?

The drawing becomes a blueprint for the collage.

Wolf is howling to me to finish this piece!


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