Art Date with Myself

Has anyone read Julia Cameron’s Artists’ Way?   It’s a wonderful guide for anyone who needs the pot of their creative juices stirred.  She offers activities and suggestions for liberating the artist inside each of us.  One of her suggestions is to make a date with yourself.  She calls it an Artist Date.  You treat yourself to a new adventure, an experience outside of your comfort zone.  An experience meant to inspire or at least get you thinking.  I highly recommend it for any blocked artist, writer, or performer.

I went on an Artist’s Date yesterday.  Now, like any good artist, I broke the rules.  I brought my boyfriend.  He is in a creative line of work so we went somewhere that would inspire both of us… the Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes.  Google it for details.  What a great place to see Victorian and Arts & Crafts architecture!   I was inspired by the covered porches full of welcoming wicker furniture, the rustic setting among the pine trees, and the cozy decor in each unique cottage.  Sometimes, to be productive, I have to stop producing and simply replenish my imagination.  This summer, I’ve created less finished art but took in more ideas.  What do you do to refill your well?


4 thoughts on “Art Date with Myself

  1. I like your blog and your paintings/collages. Would love to learn how to collage but prefer not to read a book about it. If you have any suggestions on how to start, I’ll take them. Not sure what I need (paper, paint, magazines, glue?)

    Have read “The Artist’s Way” three times. If you haven’t tried it, try her book, “The Vein of Gold.” Doesn’t sound like you need it, though.

    Am curious:
    –Did you paint the background design on your site?
    –Do you use oils or acrylics?


  2. If you can’t think of a place to take an Artist’s Date with yourself, consider just going for a walk somewhere new. I’m limited where I can walk my dogs so I make the walk special by focusing on one sense. For example, “Today I’ll pay close attention to the smells around me.” or “Today, I’ll try to notice what sounds I hear as I walk.” It makes for an interesting journey sometimes 🙂

  3. When inspiration hits and I have the need to make one particular thing; it amazes me how it actually comes out looking like what I’d imagined. I get inspired from a lot of things but an art date…that’s something I can sink my teeth into. I’d love one. Maybe once I get the kids in school, I can do the museums up in Savannah. I’ve always wanted to see them, and the cemetaries. The scuplture and the sentiments on the stones can usually get me going. I could use a little time with myself and my sketchbook and just experience some things. What a great idea!

  4. I find my creativity gets a boost when I feel an extreme emotion, happiness or sadness. I wish I could find a place to take myself on an Artist Date to provoke them though. They usually just happen due to certain events. I definitely want to check out that book! I’ve been in need of a good read.

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